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Bil Lewis is co-author of the Threads Primer (the first book on threaded programming), Multithreaded Programming with PThreads, and Multithreaded Programming with Java. He also wrote the GNU Emacs Lisp Manual. He created and maintains much of the information on the the threads newsgroup (comp.programming.threads), and is a regular speaker on the topic in many forums.

He studied at Ripon College, IU, and Penn, is an accomplished teacher (Peace Corps, Kenya; Stanford Instructor; Industry Trainer) of enormous enthusiam and wit (well, my mom likes my jokes!), and is particularly adept at making otherwise complex topics seem clear.

Bil, who lives in Somerville, Massachusetts with his two White Rats (Angel and Vanity) was most recently a computer scientist at Sun Microsystems, where he worked with multithreading as it pertains to application development, both inside of Sun and with external ISVs. Previously he was an engineer in the Sun tools group, a field engineer with Sun Sweden, and worked in AI at SRI. He is now teaching at Tufts University and doing research on Voting at the Media Lab at MIT.

Among other avocations, Bil is an accomplished hang glider pilot, an avid nordic folk dancer, and all around cool dude.

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Bil Lewis
Lambda Computer Science
9 Kidder Ave
Somerville, MA. 02144

last updated on 21 March, 2004